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We offer a range of coatings. Here are some examples.

Powder Coat
RAL colours

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Powdered paint is sprayed onto the components using an electrostatic process whereby the paint particles are charged as they leave the gun and are attracted to the surface of the earthed components.

A range of specialist powdered paints exist, and they are selected according to the circumstances in which the object to be coated is used.

Our range of powder coating includes the RAL and BS range of colours and many different finishes including, smooth, leatherette, wood effect and metallic.

Powder coating can be used in many contexts, and we will be pleased to advise you with your project, large or small.

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Korroprimer - the real alternative to galvanising
Korroprimer - The ultimate anti-corrosion coating
Korroprimer is a priming powder in 2-layer system with ultimate anti-corrosive effect.
A cost effective alternative to galvanising, the anti-corrosion coating powder is based on epoxy resin designed for iron and steel substrates that can also be used for priming chromatised aluminium to protect from filliform corrosion.
This provides an additional and special protective effect for use in the vicinity of the sea and in aggressive industrial climates.

Certified high performance anti-corrosive coating system.

Award winning Custom Paints
Pikey Escort

Our award winning custom paint department have an exciting range of new and special effect paints including paints from House of Kolor, Outrageous and Rage.
We can process a wide variety of finishes such as candy coats, chameleon paints, marble effects, heat sensitive paint and new and old style metal flake amongst many others.
We are established in the motorcycle, lambretta and vespa community and some of our paintwork has been exhibited in custom shows.
We can repaint a wide variety of musical instruments including guitars, our speciality, and also laptops, phone covers, computer casings.. ..your imagination is the limit!

Industrial Wet Spraying
Industrial wet spraying
We can provide a 10 year guarantee on wet paint finishes to plastic, wood and even glass, and our mixing facilities can also match powder coated finishes or existing colour schemes.

We offer a fast turn around, often in 24 hours.

Every job we do no matter what size is inspected to Qualicoat Standards. Every job undergoes an internal 7 point inspection before it leaves the factory.

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We will make every effort to reproduce and help design a custom finish inspired by your imagination.

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